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Re-Accreditation Self Studies at MSU


To the MSU Community,

During the 2005-06 academic year, MSU will undergo an institution-wide accreditation review.

Michigan State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.   We were last reviewed in 1995 and received re-accreditation for ten years.   The self-study process is now underway and will culminate in a visit by an external team of reviewer/consultants in Spring 2006.      Upcoming Events

Accreditation is an activity of great importance for the University.   Evaluating the past and present and planning for our future ensures currency, quality, and viability.  Every unit on this campus contributes to the learning environment we strive to create.   To that end all academic and non-academic units are expected to contribute to the re-accreditation self-study materials.   

Being accredited is the gateway to participating in federal and state programs of benefit to higher education.   MSU students received over three hundred million dollars in federal financial aid last year alone---and only accredited institutions may participate in financial aid programs.  The national conversation on accountability is ongoing at the state and federal levels of our government.  Legislators and families want to know if our educational programs are "worth it"---if they are doing for students what we say they do.   Undergoing voluntary accreditation is  a significant way for us to answer those calls for accountability.

The accreditation process has changed dramatically in the last ten years.   It now requires evidence-based reporting linked to assessment.  And in addition, to demonstrate that we are using those assessment outcomes for continuing improvement.   Over the next eight months, all departments will be asked to provide such evidence-based reporting.   This evidence should be readily available from the student learning outcomes assessment plans which colleges and departments have been engaged in developing and implementing over the last three years.   It will form the "compliance" portion of the MSU re-accreditation self-study.   Deans Karen Klomparens and June Youatt will coordinate this effort.

In addition, the Higher Learning Commission now permits a customized "special emphasis" self-study for mature institutions who have received re-accreditation in the past.   I have chosen the topic of Internationalization of Michigan State University-broadly defined-as our customized self-study topic.   Dean Sherman Garnett is chairing this portion of the re-accreditation self-study.   The entire campus will be asked to participate in discussions about our current efforts and future goals for internationalizing Michigan State University .   The Internationalization special emphasis self-study will be integrated with the compliance self-study to form the basis for MSU's re-accreditation.

Preparing for our institutional re-accreditation will require cooperation and assistance by all academic and non-academic units on campus.   The process of self study in which we are now engaged is intended to encourage our ongoing efforts in assessment and improvement, and give us an opportunity to demonstrate our many strengths and points of excellence.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Michigan State University .

Lou Anna K. Simon, Provost and President-Designate